The Walker
Video captured and edited by Dan Newman.

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fifty-two 52

Mexico – Jump, Little Children

This is one of those songs that scratches my pop itch to the point where it bleeds. The affect of the time is almost at a dangerous level, it’s gratuitous in the perfect way. The production doesn’t exactly hold up, but I don’t think that was their goal. I could easily sing this song at karaoke and I hate karaoke. My favorite thing about this song is that it’s almost about nothing.

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Multi-Love – Unknown Mortal Orchestra // BTSTU – Jai Paul

I’ve been busy in the studio so here are two songs you should know! They are both kind of ridiculous in that they don’t follow many song “rules”. Just pure vibe. We listened to this UMO record while we painted our old apartment right before our son was born. Multi-Love is saucy fun. It’s like one big drum/bass/sitar solo. Absurd! Hooks for days! Go paint something!

Jai Paul is mysterious but I’m starting to think that was the marketing play from the jump. Either way, the limited material he has released to the world is special and probably one of the most influential writers/producers for many of the musicians I know. BTSTU came out in 2011, which is absolutely stunning given how cutting edge it still feels. My take is certainly not a hot one, but if you weren’t aware of him before, now you have something to talk to your hip barista/mixologist about while you wait for your drink.

Listen to the fifty-two 52 playlist.