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The 2nd SYML album, The Day My Father Died, will be out on February 3, 2023. Vinyl pre-orders are live in the web store and you can pre-save it on Spotify and Apple Music so you don’t miss it on release day.

I want to say that I can’t believe this album came together the way that it has, but the truth is that I believe and feel all of it. The creative collaborators I once dreamed of working with are now friends. The ways I developed as a musician and songwriter feel natural and honest.

This album has 15 songs on it (like the old days?). I wrote most of them before my father died, and recorded the album a few months after he passed. My producer, Phil Ek, had just had a baby when we started working on the record, which made for a special time to be creative together! Working with Phil was exciting, humbling, and memorable. This dude has produced some INSANE records that are beloved by everyone I know. I also had an opportunity to collaborate with musicians like Guy Garvey, Sara Watkins, Charlotte Lawrence, and Lucius. The music they create is beautiful, unique, and I feel fortunate that we now have songs together. Again, I want to say I can’t believe it’s happened, but it has.

Lastly, this 15 song monster deserves a big double vinyl paired with some beautiful artwork, so that’s what we did. Thanks to Alex Alvarez, The Day My Father Died has a face, and you can pre-order the vinyl from my store. I’m signing the first thousand copies so reserve your copy ASAP.


I released a song called “Lost Myself” a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t mention that I had an opportunity to collaborate with one of my musical heroes on a version of the song.

As a bit of background, I have been a fan of the band Elbow ever since college. Their album Cast of Thousands got stuck in my car CD player, and it would start playing whenever I turned on my car.

I always envisioned “Lost Myself” being a duet, but was stumped (for years!) on who to invite. Thinking back to Elbow and that stuck CD, Guy Garvey’s voice came to mind. We ended up getting connected, and I told him about the song. I said I’d love to have him join me and make it his own. He sent a beautifully written and sung verse a few weeks later, and I melted. The peaceful longing in his voice fit perfectly, and his words hit me in the heart.

I released that version of “Lost Myself” this morning, and I hope Guy’s words and voice hit you the same way they hit me.


Howling (ft. Lucius)
directed by Benjamin Lussier choreographed and performed by Miranda Chan, Kevin Maddripp filmed in Montreal

Sweet Home
directed & produced by Dan Newman & Brian Fennell filmed in Seattle

Lost Myself (ft. Guy Garvey)
directed by Crusoe Weston filmed in London

You and I (ft. Charlotte Lawrence)
offical audio


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